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Ixon IT-Aso

Ixon IT-Aso
Ixon IT-Aso
Ixon IT-Aso
Ixon IT-Aso
Ixon IT-Aso
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Ixon IT-Aso Heatable Gloves

Discover the smart and connected warming glove! Ixon embeds Clim8 technology to offer you the only smart and connected warming glove that knows WHEN and HOW to keep your hands warm – equipped with an intelligent sensor, the heating system keeps your hands at a constant temperature whatever the outside conditions.


  • warm Primaloft one lining
  • internal waterproof cuff with tightening cord
  • silicon reinforcements on fingers
  • carbon knuckle protector on backhand
  • intelligent heating technology Clim8
  • index compatible with touch screens
  • reinforced sidewall
  • slider on bottom palm
  • long cuff in neoprene and softshell
  • elasticated wrist with tightening strap
  • 3D fingers and thumb
  • rain wiper
  • approved motorcycle gloves



  • Clim8: Ixon introduces you to an innovative range of intelligent heating products designed and developed in partnership with Clim8, a French start-up specialized in smart textil.
  • Intelligent Heating: In order to maximize comfort and performance, the products heat only when necessary.
  • Remote Control: The thermal sensors regulate the temperature according to your own needs, predefined on the mobile application.
  • Cartography Of The Hand: The heating elements are positioned on specific areas for an optimal heating sensation.

How it works?

  • "Reactive Insulatioin" Concept: An "intelligent" sensor triggers the heating system to achieve "active" insulation rather than passive.
  • What is the reactive insulation? The heating system only comes on when the thermal sensors turns it on. If the temperature of your hand is lower than the comfort temperature you initially calibrated, then the heating system will turn on (and turns off when the comfort temperature is reached).

Product benefits:

  • Heating products rise and fall in temperature without user intervention according to requirements of the rider in real time
  • heating before feeling cold
  • manually force temperature possibilities

Intelligent connected products:

  • Thanks to a free application to download on your smartphone (Android and iOS) you calibrate your product via Bluetooth warming up to your body temperature in real time.
    • download CLIM8 application
    • Bluetooth pairing
    • glove calibration
  • Calibration is simple and quick: Thermal sensors indicate the temperature of the hand and the biker’s comfort temperature is adjusted to the nearest degree.


  • 1 pair of Ixon gloves
  • 1 x charger
  • 2 x battery

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