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HJC C70 Boltas

HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
HJC C70 Boltas
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HJC C70 Boltas Helmet

The HJC C70 has a sophisticated polycarbonate helmet shell: this is lightweight and, in addition to the excellent fit, also provides comfort through the use of CAD technology. The aerodynamic full-face helmet HJC C70 ensures optimal visibility with its large facial cut-out.


  • advanced polycarbonate shell
  • low weight
  • great fit
  • pronounced comfort
  • CAD technology
  • aerodynamic shell with large visor cut-out for larger field of vision
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS): full air circulation from front to back dissipates heat and moisture up and out
  • Micro detent lock: quick release and lock, multi-adjustable
  • RapidFire™ Visor Replacement System: Easy and secure sighting allows quick and tool-free removal and installation of the visor
  • removable, moisture-wicking lining with advanced antibacterial fabric

Domestic equipments:

  • Anti UV visor
  • Quick Release visor mechanism
  • Sun Visor System (scratch resistant)
  • Micro-Buckle closure system
  • suitable for spectacle wearers
  • 2 helmet shell sizes

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