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Shark ATV-Drak Blank

Shark ATV-Drak Blank
Shark ATV-Drak Blank
Shark ATV-Drak Blank
Shark ATV-Drak Blank
Shark ATV-Drak Blank
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Shark ATV-Drak was born to answer the specific needs of ATV and SSV riders: Optimal safety level, reliable, unmatched ventilation efficiency and easy to clean. Above all it is fully approved to certification standard ECE 22-05 and DOT which means compliance with global on road standards. Remember always Ride Ready.


  • Air Extractors - Specifically designed to ensure maximum ventilation, even at low speed.
  • Ear Pad - Optimised to ensure a better protection of all surrounding noises.
  • Water Extract - No water inside.
  • Style & Safety - A specific design that integrates and optimal safety.
  • Removable Sunshield
  • Removable Inner Padding - Easy clean and wash
  • Quick Release Buckle System


  • Constructed from multiaxial glass fibre
  • Planned location for SHARKTOOTH
  • Optimal morphological adjustment
  • Optimal comfort for the persons wearing glasses
  • Micro lock buckle system
  • Weight - approx. 1200g
  • Full ECE 22-05 and DOT approved standards

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